Parts Washers from CUDA and JRI Clean Faster and Better without the use of harmful solvents

Cuda top-load parts washers use pressurized hot water and specialized industrial detergents with rust inhibitors to clean parts automatically. Compact in size, yet able to accommodate and clean parts up to 500 pounds.

Design and technology are at their best with the Cuda top-load automatic parts washers. Both Cuda top-load series feature a rotating turntable, automatic low-water shutoff protection, disc oil skimmer, caster wheels, steam venting, easy-lift lid with gas struts and debris prevention screens.

Four series are available in a variety of electrical configurations. Cuda top-load parts washers are ideal for any industry cleaning small-to medium-sized parts.

Cuda front-load parts washers are easy to use. Completely automatic and solvent-free, these rugged "industrial-sized dishwashers" greatly simplify your parts cleaning.

Ergonomics and environmental-friendliness blend nicely in Cuda’s line of front-load parts washers with turntables located knee-high, control panels chest-high, and a curved, recessed entry that allows for easy loading and un-loading of extra-large parts. Unlike traditional parts washers, Cuda’s space saving roll-in door allows easy access to the wash chamber and prevents the wash solution from dripping on the floor.

The popular front-load Cuda parts washers come with removable debris screen, automatic low-water shutoff, disc oil skimmer, convenient access to the sump and easy-to-reach controls for the oil skimmer, heater and wash-cycle timers and turntable on/off switch.