Mi-T-M Industrial Pressure Washers at Hotsy Industrial Systems Tucson, Arizona.

Mi-T-M manufactures a complete line of pressure washers for industrial and residential use in their 850,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located in Peosta, Iowa. Their pressure washer product line includes over 130 models. These range from hand carry and portable to stationary, direct drive and belt drive, electric, gasoline, diesel, and natural gas machines. Hotsy Industrial Systems carries a wide variety of these options. Therefore, you can find the right industrial pressure washer for your business with us.

With so many makes and models to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which pressure washer to select. Contact a sales associate at Hotsy Industrial Systems of Tucson for more information.

How to decide which industrial pressure washer is right for your business

Cold Water Pressure Washers vs. Hot Water Pressure Washers

When choosing an industrial pressure washer, your application will play a major factor in whether you need a hot- or cold-water pressure washer. Cold water pressure washers are ideal for removing dirt on almost any surface. Additional accessories like high pressure nozzles or rotating brushes work with cold water pressure washers to increase the cleaning power and decrease your cleaning time.

Mi-T-M Industrial Pressure Washer Tucson Arizona

However, if you are cleaning surfaces that have grease or oil on them, hot water is a must. You wouldn't think of washing your greasy hands with cold water and the same applies to pressure washing. If you operate cold water equipment more than a few hours a week, you should consider the labor savings you could realize by switching to a hot water pressure washer.

Belt-Drive Pressure Washers vs Direct Drive Pressure Washers

Belt driven pressure washers are most commonly seen in commercial/industrial style pressure washers. A belt driven pump is ideal for cleaning applications that require more than 20+ hours per week. On a belt driven unit, the high-pressure pump spins at a lower RPM, reducing the heat and vibration. In turn, this minimizes the wear and tear on the internal parts of the pump and leads to longer life.

If you will be using your pressure washer less than 20 hours a week, a direct drive may be better suited for your application. Direct drive units turn about twice the RPM as a belt driven unit. These units are usually more compact and easier to transport. They are also typically more affordable.

Gas Powered Pressure Washers vs Electric Pressure Washers

Industrial pressure washer

Choosing a gas or electric water pressure is completely up to the consumer. There are pros and cons to both. Electric is safe to use indoors, because you don't have harmful fumes. Electric motors are usually quieter and require less maintenance than a gas engine. Also, with an electric motor you do not have to have gas on hand, and you do not need to fight the rising cost of fuel prices.

With a gas pressure washer, you have a couple of different choices when selecting an engine. Additionally, gas engines don't require a power cord which in turn allows more portability.