Pressure Washer Financing Options  

As almost any business owner can attest, expenses have a way of stacking up all at once. Therefore, the need for equipment may arise when it’s not ideal for your budget. That’s where pressure washer financing and other industrial equipment financing options can be helpful. Even when you don’t have the capital to invest in a pressure washer, water treatment, or misting system, Hotsy Industrial Systems can help you find the right financing solution. We work with a variety of financing partners to offer flexible lease agreements. So, you can find the right plan for your business. Additionally, we can work with clients throughout the United States with our pressure washer financing options.

Pressure Washer Financing Through a Lease Agreement

We finance through lease-to-own agreements, which don’t require a large down payment to get started. With qualified credit, you will likely only need one- or two-months’ deposit for the lease upfront. Our most popular lease plan is the Baker’s Dozen Plan, which has just 13 monthly payments. However, there are many financing programs available if this one doesn’t fit in to your budget.

One reason we provide such great flexibility with our pressure washer financing is that we work with many different leasing consultants. This allows us to provide our clients with the right plans for them. Plus, we offer the convenience of applying online. Alternatively, you can download an application if you prefer to submit it by mail or in person.

Don’t go another day putting the equipment you need on hold. With Hotsy Industrial Systems, you can tailor a monthly payment plan to your needs. Then, you can get back to providing your own clients with the exceptional service they deserve.