Car Wash Equipment Repairs and Service

If you are running a car wash business, then you know that malfunctioning equipment can mean lost customers. After all, people are looking for quick convenience at the local car wash. So, if your industrial car wash equipment is down, you will be losing money until it’s repaired. For the car wash equipment repairs and preventive maintenance you need in Tucson, you can count on Hotsy Industrial Systems. We not only install new equipment systems, but we keep them operational with reliable services when you need them.

Our Prompt, Professional Car Wash Equipment Repairs

From broken parts to clogged lines to full system break downs, we’ve seen it all. Therefore, we are able to provide proper repairs quickly. That means that your bottom line won’t suffer through long periods of equipment downtime. However, to truly maximize your business, you should invest in preventive maintenance. In addition to our on-call repair services, we provide maintenance contracts to keep your system up and running. With ongoing preventive maintenance, you can focus on other aspects of your business instead of worrying about scheduling constant repairs. Here are just some of the potential benefits of choosing us for your maintenance contract:

·       Reduce emergency repairs and downtime for your business

·       Increase system efficiency and reduce excess water usage

·       Receive priority repair service for system breakdowns and on-demand repair needs

Install Your New Car Wash Equipment with Hotsy Industrial Systems

Another benefit of our car wash equipment repairs and maintenance plans is that you’ll know exactly when it’s time to consider upgrading your equipment. As with any customer service business, you need to keep up with trends and demands. That may mean investing in a new low-waste system or opening a new location. We can help you meet these goals and select the right car wash equipment for your business.  

Whether you are looking for assistance in regular car wash maintenance, need emergency help when a critical piece breaks down, or are looking for guidance installing a new industrial car wash equipment system, our service experts have you covered.