How to Use Hotsy Detergents with Your Pressure Washer

If you are facing tough cleaning tasks with your Hotsy pressure washer, then you will want to select the right detergent for the job. Cleaning with water alone can be problematic, because even seemingly clean water can leave behind a filmy residue. Therefore, you may have to use substantially more water and spend more time cleaning to see results that still might not meet your expectations.

Hotsy Detergents

To make cleaning easier, Hotsy Industrial Systems carries a full line of Hotsy Detergents and accessories. Hotsy detergents are made with biodegradable formulas to ensure that you are not damaging the surrounding environment with industrial cleaning procedures. Furthermore, there is a wide selection of detergents to choose from to provide you with the right cleaning solution for a given task.

Guidelines for Using Hotsy Detergents

Whether you are using a hot water pressure washer or a cold water pressure washer, you can attach a line to dispense detergent through the pressure washer hose. There are different pressure washer detergent formulations for both hot and cold pressure washing. When you are washing with detergent, you will want to follow these essential steps, as outlined in the video above:

·       Do not rinse the item(s) being washed prior to washing with soapy water. Rinsing with water before adding detergent can leave the surface filmy and dingy after washing.

·       Apply soapy water from the bottom up. This will prevent streaking.

·       If you are washing with a hot water pressure washer, turn off the burner prior to your final rinse. You should always rinse with only cold water. Cold water reduces flash foam and rinses faster. Additionally, it will cut down on fuel used for the cleaning project.

·       When you are getting ready to rinse, turn off the detergent and run the pressure washer hose to eliminate any remaining suds from the line.

·       Rinse with cold water from the top down for the most efficient rinse possible.

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